Industrial & LP Gas


We stock a wide range of Industrial and LP Gasses for the Industry and Hospitality trades, We also stock camping cylinders and do refills.


Industrial Gas

Magmix 3

Oxygen 11.8kg Air Products

R 204.35

Acetylene 8.6kg Air Products

R 1343.48

Maxmig 3 17.1kg Air Products

R 417.39

Carbon Dioxide

Argon 16.9kg Air Products

R 417.39

Nitrogen 9.3kg Air Products

R 169.57

Carbon Dioxide 31.5kg Air Products

R 373.91

Some of the other gasses we stock,

Argon 5.0 16.9kg Air Products – R 608.70

Coogar Plus 17.1kg Air Products – R 421.74

Coogar 89 17kg Air Products – R 421.74

Coogar 84 17.8kg Air Products – R 478.26 

Coogar 82 18.1kg Air Products – R 521.74

Nitrogen 5.0 11kg Air Products – R 339.13

Hydrogen 5.0 0.62kg Air Products – R 626.09

Kwicut 21.3kg Air Products – R 886.96

Kwicut 48kg Air Products – R 2008.70

All industrial gas cylinders carry a monthly rental of R 126.09 per cylinder and will be subject to a credit agreement. 

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LP Gas

Totalgaz 14kg new

48KG Cylinder

R 1025.00 INCL VAT

19KG Cylinder

R 410.00 INCL VAT

9KG Cylinder

R 200.00 INCL VAT

19KG Forklift Cylinder

R 410.00 INCL VAT

Totalgaz 14kg Small

14KG Cylinder

R 310.00 INCL VAT

Deposit on Cylinder – R 300.00

Delivery Charge R 34.78

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Camping Cylinders

Helium Disposable

Safegas Camping Cylinders 5kg, 3kg, 2kg
Balloon Cylinder 2

2KG Cylinder – R 417.39

3KG Cylinder – R 404.35

5KG Cylinder – R 491.30

*R 20.00 per kg to fill *

My Balloons (portable cylinder that comes with an easy to fill nozzle, can fill up to 50 9″ balloons) – R 673.91