Industrial & LP Gas


We stock a wide range of Industrial and LP Gases for the industry and hospitality trade.

We do camping cylinder sales and refills.

Contact one of our friendly sales staff for more information.

Matthew Hunt – 072 888 5882

Sherren Singh – 063 423 0649


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Industrial Gas

Magmix 3

Oxygen 11.8kg Air Products

R 235.00 INCL VAT

Acetylene 8.6kg Air Products

R 1340.00 INCL VAT

Maxmig 3 17.1kg Air Products

R 480.00 INCL VAT

Carbon Dioxide

Argon 16.9kg Air Products

R 480.00 INCL VAT

Nitrogen 9.3kg Air Products

R 195.00 INCL VAT

Carbon Dioxide 31.5kg Air Products

R 430.00 INCL VAT

All industrial gas cylinders have a monthly rental of R 145.00 per cylinder and will be subject to a credit agreement. 


*we stock a wide range of industrial gases, please contact us for pricing and more information*

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LP Gas

Totalgaz 14kg new

48KG Cylinder

R 875.00 INCL VAT

19KG Cylinder

R 350.00 INCL VAT

9KG Cylinder

R 170.00 INCL VAT

19KG Forklift Cylinder

R 370.00 INCL VAT

Totalgaz 14kg Small

14KG Cylinder

R 265.00 INCL VAT

Deposit on Cylinder – R 345.00 INCL VAT

Delivery Charge R 40.00

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Camping Cylinders

Safegas Camping Cylinders 5kg, 3kg, 2kg

2KG Cylinder – R 480.00 incl vat

3KG Cylinder – R 465.00 incl vat

5KG Cylinder – R 565.00 incl vat

*R 20.50 per kg to fill – incl vat*