Industrial & LP Gas

Elcon Gaz is an accredited supplier of Air Products and Oryx Energies. 

We do a wide range of Industrial and LP Gases for the Industry and Hospitality Trade, as well as camping cylinders.

Cylinder Rentals & Deposits

All Industrial Gas cylinders carry a monthly rental of R 145.00 per cylinder including vat. A Credit Agreement is necessary for first time rentals of Air Products cylinders. Customers who pay cash and have any empty Air Products cylinder to exchange will be charged a handling fee of R 75.00 per cylinder including vat. 

All LP Gas cylinders require a first time deposit of R 345.00 per cylinder including vat. Thereafter you will exchange your empty cylinder for a refill at no extra cost.

For all Industrial and LP Gas queries please contact one of our friendly and experienced sales staff.


Industrial Gas

Magmix 3

Oxygen 11.8kg Air Products

R 235.00 incl vat

Acetylene 8.6kg Air Products

R 1545.00 incl vat

Maxmig 3 17.1kg Air Products

R 480.00 incl vat

Carbon Dioxide

Argon 16.9kg Air Products

R 480.00 incl vat

Nitrogen 9.3kg Air Products

R 195.00 incl vat

Carbon Dioxide 31.5kg Air Products

R 430.00 incl vat

Some of the other gasses we supply,

Argon 5.0 16.9kg Air Products – R 700.00 incl vat

Coogar Plus 17.1kg Air Products – R 485.00incl vat

Coogar 89 17kg Air Products –  R 485.00 incl vat

Coogar 84 17.8kg Air Products – R 550.00 incl vat 

Coogar 82 18.1kg Air Products – R 600.00 incl vat

Nitrogen 5.0 11kg Air Products – R 390.00 incl vat

Hydrogen 0.62kg Air Products – R 400.00 incl vat

Kwicut 21.3kg Air Products – R 1020.00 incl vat

Kwicut 48kg Air Products – R 2310.00 incl vat

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LP Gas

ORYX 48kg 1000 x 1000
ORYX 19kg 1000 x 1000
ORYX 9kg 1000 x 1000
ORYX 19kg Forklift 1000 x 1000

48KG Cylinder

R 997.00 incl vat

19KG Cylinder

R 402.00 incl vat

9KG Cylinder

R 199.00 incl vat

19KG Forklift Cylinder

R 402.00 incl vat

ORYX 14kg 1000 x 1000

14KG Cylinder

R 305.00 incl vat

Delivery Charge R 40.00
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Camping Cylinders

Helium Disposable

Safegas Camping Cylinders 5kg, 3kg, 2kg
Balloon Cylinder 2

Safegas 2KG Cylinder – R 480.00 incl vat

Safegas 3KG Cylinder – R 465.00 incl vat

Safegas 5KG Cylinder – R 565.00 incl vat

Cadac 3kg Cylinder – R 560.00 incl vat

Cadac 5kg Cylinder – R 665.00 incl vat

*R 22.50 per kg to fill – incl vat*

My Balloons

(portable cylinder that comes with an easy to fill nozzle, can fill up to 50 9″ balloons)

R 775.00 incl vat