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How to choose the right size geyser and why?

1 Water

WATER – Dewhot have found that the biggest effect on their range of gas geysers and the way they operate is water, due to the following factors:

FLOW RATE – This is the biggest of the two and is why Dewhot have so many different sized units in the diaphragm activated range. The diaphragm activated range have an operating flow rate of their maximum down to half (which is true for all the sizes)

The flow rate in litres/minute is needed to size a geyser correctly so that the you the customer will get the hot water temperature and volume that you are expecting .

To determine the flow rate one must do a “Bucket Test”

BUCKET TEST – Use a bucket of known size and then run the COLD water tap of the shower, bath or basin (wherever the hot water will be needed), it must be the cold water as the hot water may be plumbed through an existing pressurised geyser and cold water is what will be connected to the future gas geyser. Run the cold water at the flow rate that you would normally use it at, catch the water in the bucket for a timed minute and then measure how may litres you have in the bucket.

This information gives you a flow rate of X litres/minute. You can now use this information to determine the size of the gas geyser needed for the outlet by selecting the next size geyser up from this figure and you will have the right geyser for your pipes, water pressure, personal preferences and shower head.

Below is a guideline only, remember the “Bucket Test” 
Dewhot choosing the size of the unit

The 16Lt Constant Temperature Gas Geyser

R 6,420.00 incl vat

Domestic constant temperature unit with natural exhaust

Automatic water flow/gas linked ignition, automatic pulse ignition from one “D” cell torch battery

Aluminium coated front panel

LCD control panel to set desired water temperature

Automatic flame height/water flow control

Constant temperature with varying water flow

Can mix with cold water

Water pressure 0.3 – 5 bar

For outdoor use (under cover) 

(additional cover recommended) – Type D


The 12Lt Low Pressure Gas Geyser 

R 4,224.00 incl incl vat & flue

Operates from one-meter to a fifty-meter head of water pressure

Can be mounted indoors or out

Needs a flue

Flow range from 12lt to 3lts/min

Flow control tap on cold water supply

Allows addition of cold water

Water flow sensor, no diaphragm to freeze

Automatic start, runs on two torch batteries

Has adjustable pressure relief valve/drain stem

Anti-corrosive aluminium coated

For outdoor (under cover) or indoor use – Type B


The 5Lt Low Pressure EcoDew Gas Geyser 

R 1,920.00 incl vat

White baked enamel front panel

Instant water heater with natural exhaust

Can be used indoors without a flue

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)

Flow from 5lt – 1lt/min

Allow for added cold water

Water flow sensor (no diaphragm)

Automatic ignition from two standard torch batteries

Single gas control knob

Cold water inlet control valve

Water pressure 0.1 bar – 5 bar (one-meter to fifty-meter head of water)

Adjustable pressure relief valve

For indoor & outdoor (undercover) use  (no flue) – Type A

The DewHot Standard Outdoor Range

The Dewhot Standard Outdoor Range

6lt| 8lt | 10lt | 12lt | 16lt


6lt R 2,205.00 | 8lt R 3,005.00 | 10lt R 3,335.00 | 12lt R 3,670.00 | 16lt R 5,325.00 incl vat



Instant water heater with natural exhaust

Water gas linked automatic ignition, automatic pulse ignition from two “D” cell torch batteries

No pilot light

Stainless steel front panel

LCD temperature guage

Flame height, gas flow knob

Temperature, water flow knob

On & off switch for cold or hot water

Water pressure 0.3 – 5 bar

Starting indicator light

For outdoor use only (under cover) – Type D


The EcoDew White Outdoor Range

The EcoDew White Outdoor Range

8lt | 12lt | 16lt


8lt R 2,755.00 | 12lt R 3,440.00 | 16lt R 4,460.00 incl vat

Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust

Water gas linked automatic ignition, automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries

White enamel front and back

LCD temperature guage

Flame height, gas flow knob

Temperature, water flow knob

Water pressure 0,3 – 5,0 bar

Water pressure stabilizing design

For outdoor use only (under cover) – Type D

Gas Consumption Tool by DEWHOT

Introducing our new gas consumption tool!

Please click on the link below to calculate the gas consumption of your selected gas geyser. By simply selecting your geyser size and intended usage time, you will be able see the running costs of your unit. Note: if you know the price/kg of LPG then you can adjust this, otherwise it will default to the average rate calculated.

PLEASE NOTE: This consumption tool is calculated on maximum consumption which is at a temp of around 65 degrees, to give you an indication, a shower is generally set at 40/41 degrees. The tool is a guideline and not an exact estimation, as there are variables.

We hope you find this useful and any constructive feedback on the use of this tool would be much appreciated.

Works with Google Chrome!


DEWHOT Consumption Tool


Dewhot Cover

Dewhot Geyser Covers

  16lt CT Cover R 630.00 incl vat

        16lt Cover R 580.00 incl vat

  8 – 12lt Cover R 510.00 incl vat

Dewhot Flue

Dewhot Geyser Flues


  90mm Flue (6lt)       R 185.00 incl vat

110mm Flue (8-12lt) R 215.00 incl vat

128mm Flue (16lt)    R 245.00 incl vat

Duracell Torch Batteries

Duracell Batteries

R 98.00 incl vat 
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