Gas Installations


Elcon Gaz (Pty) Ltd has over 25 Years Combined Experience in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Gas Installations. We offer 24/7 365 emergency  breakdown call out services for all your gas installation & maintenance requirements! We do, LP Gas Installations – Domestic / Commercial / Industrial – Compressed Gas Installations – Inert / Flammable / Oxidant. – Compliance Certificates / Pressure Test Certificates *Registered Installer* – *Free Quotes* t’s & c’s apply.

Emergency breakdown after hours contact no. 072 336 2886 *call out rates apply*

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas at Home

Q. Can I have the gas supply for my hob in the kitchen? 
A. Yes, a 9kg cylinder in a cupboard next to the hob. There must be NO plugs or switches and the cupboard must be vented.

Q. If I have my gas supply outside my house can it be next to the back door? 
A. Yes, although the following conditions apply,
– Minimum of 1m next to a door or window
– 2m from an open drain
– 5m from an electrical source i.e. air conditioning unit, pool pump
plug point, switchboard
– 3m and a firewall from a thatch roof

Q. Do I need 1 or 2 gas cylinders?

A. Depends on what you have installed, one is fine for a stove or hob.
   – Two cylinders are preferable for a Gas water heater as you don’t
     want to run out of gas just as you are taking a shower!


We offer free quotes for new installations in the Durban and surrounding areas.

Domestic call out rates – R650.00 including vat

Commercial call out rates – R750.00 including vat

Industrial call out rates – R950.00 including vat

Certificate of Compliance only – R1000.00 including vat

*The system will be examined to ensure it is compliant, and none of the hoses have perished. The system will be pressure tested. Should the system not be compliant, a quotation to correct it will be given*

9kg in cupboard, vented

Basic Installation Costs

9kg in the cupboard, vented with regulator and fittings. 

R 2100.00 including vat with gas cylinder.


Larger Installations Costs

Larger installations are based on the requirements of the customer and are quoted for individually. 

For example – single 19kg installation with storage cage, 4m of pipe and fittings 

+- R 4500.00 including vat with gas cylinder.

Gas Storage Requirements

                               Indoor                                                                                                 Outdoor

installation with flexible hose and gas cylinder
LPG Cylinder Storage Outside