Gas Installations


Elcon Gaz (Pty) Ltd has over 25 Years Combined Experience in Domestic Gas Installations. We do, Gas Geyser and Gas Hob Installations. We issue Compliance Certificates, our installer is fully registered. We offer free quotes in the Durban and near surrounding areas so give us a call and Switch to Gas now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas at Home

Q. Can I have the gas supply for my hob in the kitchen? 
A. Yes, a 9kg cylinder in a cupboard next to the hob. There must be NO plugs or switches and the cupboard must be vented.

Q. If I have my gas supply outside my house can it be next to the back door? 
A. Yes, although the following conditions apply,
– Minimum of 1m next to a door or window
– 2m from an open drain
– 5m from an electrical source i.e. air conditioning unit, pool pump
plug point, switchboard
– 3m and a firewall from a thatch roof

Q. Do I need 1 or 2 gas cylinders?

A. Depends on what you have installed, one is fine for a stove or hob.
   – Two cylinders are preferable for a Gas water heater as you don’t
     want to run out of gas just as you are taking a shower!


We offer free quotes for new installations in the Durban and surrounding areas.

Domestic call out rates – R650.00 including vat

Certificate of Compliance only – R1000.00 including vat


*The system will be examined to ensure it is compliant, and none of the hoses have perished. The system will be pressure tested. Should the system not be compliant, a quotation to correct it will be given*

9kg in cupboard, vented

Basic Installation Costs

9kg in the cupboard, vented with regulator and fittings. 

R 2100.00 including vat with gas cylinder.


Larger Installations Costs

Larger installations are based on the requirements of the customer and are quoted for individually. 

For example – single 19kg installation with 3m of pipe and fittings 

R 3000.00 including vat with gas cylinder.

Gas Storage Requirements


9kg Gas Cylinder in Cupboard with Flexible Hose Regulation


Minimum Safety Distances LPG Cylinder Storage Outside 1